Career development workshop in composing

for video games and media

Have you always dreamed that your music would be in the biggest computer games in the world? Want to get to know the key people in the media industry in Los Angeles? If you answered yes, then this workshop is just for you! The workshop is delivered by one of the top composers in the computer game industry in Los Angeles, Mason Lieberman, senior composer and audio manager at Tencent (owner of Fortnite, and companies like Riot Games, Epic Games, etc.) who will teach you the secrets of the media industry in Los Angeles, he will explain about the people in it, and will help you expose your music to leading people in the industry.

Duration of the workshop – 3 sessions:
Session 1: Thursday (16/5), 9:00-11:00 am
Session 2: Thursday (23/5), 9:00-11:00 am
Session 3: Thursday (30/5) 9:00-11:00 am


Mason Liberman

3 Sessions | 6 Hours


The workshop is intended for composers at any stage of their career, who are interested in composing for media and computer games and want to take and leverage their career a big step forward!

In the workshop you will learn:

How to develop a career in media composition

We will delve into the principles of career development in the field of media composition, address the business aspects of the industry and learn how to establish yourself in the market.

Pricing and correct way of working with bodies in the music industry for media

We will learn how to price your work correctly and professionally and what is the right way to work with industry bodies, including contracts and legal issues.

Copyright and Licensing

We will learn about everything related to copyright and licensing of your music and delve into legal and business issues related to music.

How do you make money from your music?

We will learn how to create a variety of livelihood channels as musicians and about other jobs in the music industry such as orchestration, sheet music editing and assistant jobs. In addition, you will receive guidance on when and how to contact a representative agent.

Final panel - "feedback session" - with leading experts in the industry!

Closing panel At the end of the workshop there will be a panel of 2-3 leading experts in the industry who will give personal feedback on your music. This is a rare opportunity to receive criticism from industry leaders and perhaps even open doors to future success. - "Feedback session" - with leading experts in the industry!


The workshop is delivered on Zoom


Basic knowledge of computer operation

Required Equipment

Computer/tablet to watch the workshop and audio equipment

Why should you register for the workshop?

Lecturer: Mason Liberman

Mason Lieberman is a senior composer and audio director at Tencent. Composed music for some of the biggest computer games in the world, such as: Pokémon, Stars Wars: Visions, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise, Riot Games’ League of Legends, AMC’s The Walking Dead, Made in Abyss, Eden, Tower of God, Warhammer: Vermintide, Hell’s Kitchen, and God Eater, and conducts courses and lectures in the field of computer game composition at Harvard, Berkeley, UCLA Musicians Institute and more .

Our Advantages

More than 20,000 graduates who have already successfully graduated!

An institution recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Education and Culture

Zoom learning from all types of devices

Study at your convenience without leaving home

Online workshop with answers to questions


Yes, the workshop will be recorded and will be available for viewing afterwards

Definitely! The workshop will be delivered on Zoom.

The recordings cannot be downloaded but they are accessible to watch online on your computer and phone so you can watch them wherever you want.

The workshop is intended for composers* at any stage of their career, who are interested in composing for media and computer games and want to take and leverage their career forward.
*Participation in the workshop from the age of 16 or older – exceptional cases will be submitted for approval

Of course. You can pay both with a credit card and with PayPal.

Omer Luz


Matan Dror

Ishay Swissa

Red Axes


Orit Tashoma



College Graduates

The opportunity to change your music career is waiting here
This is the moment to take a step forward and join our thousands of satisfied graduates, who are already using the knowledge and skills they have acquired to break into the international arena.

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